Atlantic City Blackjack Strategy Card

Atlantic City Blackjack is the style that you will find at the Casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. There are several differences between this game and Vegas Strip Blackjack, which is played at the Casinos in Las Vegas. You will find both versions of blackjack at many of the online casinos.

Vegas Blackjack has been around since the 1930’s when Nevada legalized gambling during the Great Depression. Atlantic City Blackjack was created in 1978 when New Jersey legalized gambling, becoming the second major city to have legalized gambling.

Here are the Standard Rules for Atlantic City Blackjack:

  • Six decks are used
  • Insurance bets are allowed
  • Late surrender is not allowed
  • The dealer must Stand on Soft 17
  • Pairs can be split only once
  • Players can Double Down after Splitting
  • Aces cannot be re-split
  • Players can Double Down with any two cards

As with every variation, you will find a different strategy card for Atlantic City Blackjack. Most of these cheat sheets look very similar to each other; that is because the differences in the rules will only make a difference in a couple of the scenarios.


These basic strategies are designed to give you the best chance at not giving the casinos a more significant house advantage. You can always choose to make up your own mind for any of the questionable calls. For instance, some people like to split 9’s when the dealer has a 7 showing.

This is almost a 50/50 call; many others are just the same: whether to double down on 8 or “Soft” anything when the dealer is showing a 6. The more important thing is determine what you will do in such a situation beforehand and don’t deviate from your own strategy.

Play Atlantic City Blackjack

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