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Single Deck Blackjack Strategy Cards

There are two tables below showing the one deck blackjack strategy, the first the dealer stands on a soft 17 and the second the dealer hits. The tables have some combinations removed to make it simpler to use this blackjack strategy. It’s obvious what to do on these combinations hit if its low (8-) stand […]

Atlantic City Blackjack Strategy Card

Atlantic City Blackjack is the style that you will find at the Casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. There are several differences between this game and Vegas Strip Blackjack, which is played at the Casinos in Las Vegas. You will find both versions of blackjack at many of the online casinos. Vegas Blackjack has been […]

Spanish Blackjack Strategy Card

The biggest difference between regular (Vegas) blackjack and Spanish Blackjack is that the 10’s are removed from the game. There are still Queens, Kings, and Jacks in the deck but all of the natural 10’s are removed from the deck. You might be thinking that removing all of the 10’s from the deck would be […]

European Blackjack Strategy Card

If you are new to blackjack you may not be aware that there are many different variations of the game for you to enjoy. There are interesting rules and modifications in some of these variations that make the game more and less challenging, or just a bit different to give the game that you love […]