European Blackjack Strategy Card

If you are new to blackjack you may not be aware that there are many different variations of the game for you to enjoy. There are interesting rules and modifications in some of these variations that make the game more and less challenging, or just a bit different to give the game that you love a twist. European blackjack is one of the popular variations of the game that many people love and more and more casinos are offering whether you are playing online or in the brick and mortar casinos.

There are some rules that may or may not set this game apart from other variations such as:

1. It is played with two standard decks of cards
2. Blackjack will always beat any other hand with a value of 21
3. All face cards have a value of 10
4. You can draw up to nine cards to make a hand of eleven cards
5. The dealer will stand on all hands with a value of 17
6. When the dealer busts the player automatically wins
7. When you get blackjack you are paid out at odds of 3:2
8. When the players and dealers hands tie it is known as a Push
9. If the dealer and the player have blackjack it is a Push
10. If the dealer gets blackjack all bets are lost
11. Players can insure their hands if the dealer has an ace as a starting card

Knowing these rules and putting them to work for you will help you improve your odds of winning. There are a few tips that will help every player be as successful as possible.

Choose the right table for your bankroll. Your goal should always be to choose a table that has a minimum that is about 5% of your total bankroll. You also want to consider the rules of the table, as they do vary. Rule variations can benefit the player, so be sure to check out the rules before you start playing.

Learn the art of doubling down. Doubling down will allow you to double your bet and receive one additional card when you believe that you will beat the dealer by doing this. Doubling with 10 against a nine or lower and with any hand of 11 is a great option. You may also double with a 9 or with soft hands of 13 through 17 with the dealer showing a four, a five, or a six.

Practice knowing when to split pairs. If you have two cards with the same value you can double your bet and play two hands. You should avoid splitting 10’s or 5’s and always split eights or sevens when a dealer has a card of equal or lower value. You should always split twos or threes against a four, five, or six. Lastly, you should always split aces but never split face cards or fives.

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Practice European Blackjack

Try practicing on this European blackjack flash game here and use the Cool Cat Strategy Card provided on the left if you need help making a decision.

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